Molly Nilsson has been running her own label and producing her own music since 2007, releasing 5 albums, several eps and producing evocative videos that elaborate on the themes she is obsessed by. The music released under own moniker is a heartfelt rendering of romanticized pop music, gloriously DIY in method and honest in practice. Clearly influenced by the minimal synthesizer pop of the 80s but also adept at timeless melancholic song writing, each song presents a compact sound world which twinkles with a sense of loneliness and the warmth of its opposite.

Since her first DIY releases Nilsson’s music has been gathering pace in the underground pop world’s consciousness. In 2011 John Maus acknowledged her songwriting by duetting with her on ‘Hey Moon,’ a Nilsson original that was included on his third album ‘We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves.’ Molly Nilsson's latest full-length album "The Travels" was released June 21st 2013 on DARK SKIES ASSOCIATION and NIGHT SCHOOL RECORDS. In July 2014 Nilsson released Sólo Paraíso, an EP with 8 songs she composed during a 2 month art residency in Buenos Aires, dedicated to the Argentinian capital.


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