Death by Snoo Snoo plays a kind of eclectic mix of punk, hardcore and some artier stuff with female/male vocals and tons of energy.

We've been together since 2008, made a couple of CD-R's and tapes before releasing our first full-length "Tästä saat!" LP/CD last year through Creative Class War. The LP can be listened in it's entirety at or downloaded at . We've played lots of shows in Finland including events such as Puntala-rock, Hässäkkä-päivät, Helsinki Punk Festival, and most recently 4 gigs in Germany in August 2013!

We are working on our new album and hope to release it in 2014.

Some quotes from reviews of Tästä saat!:

"I haven't got a clue what's being sung (took me long enough to just type a few song names into google translator), but musically they've got this great chaotically aggressive pre-hardcore punk rock sound paired off with these great female/male vocals that initially made me think of a mean, crusty version of XRAYSPEX." - Jerk Store #11

"This sounds like Finland's answer to Boom Boom Kid. Two gals and two guys playing stylistically ambiguous punk that never fails to surprise and entertain. It's fast, bouncy and catchy at times, and arty, sad and eccentric at others. I'm usually into bands willing to shun genre labels and Death by Snoo Snoo (Futurama reference) is no exception. " - JK, MRR #351

"They are from Oulu, Northern Finland and the album is all sung in Finnish, but don’t let that stop you from looking for this release as it’s a very cool punk rock album with a bit of experimentation added to the mix, but nothing to get in the way of the fun of this band." - Rick E., Profane Existence

"This Finnish band with an odd name have created an album with an odd and charming quirkiness. They flow easily from roiling punk to sweeter moments to moodier rock to bouncy, poppier material. Hanne's vocals have a girlish, over-the-top nature and there are times where a little goes a long way but damn it if she doesn't hook you in." - Al Quint, Suburban Voice


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