Höstfest 2013!
2012-11-28 09:45


Höstfest 2013 will be organized on 11.-12.10.2013. Please contact us with all your ideas and suggestions! Email us at festari(at-at-at)

Advance ticket sales on this site has ended
2012-10-02 23:04

Hello! Here's an important message to you: advance ticket sales on this website has ended. The advance tickets can still be bought from Vakiopaine until 5.10. at 19:00 when the doors open. The ticket sales at the festival door begin at 19:00 on friday.

The activity bags are out of stock. There are 1 day and 2 day tickets left.

Travel by Onnibus to Höstfest
2012-09-21 22:26

After you've got the ticket (one day/two days) for Höstfest, you can purchase a journey from Onnibus company for only 5 euros from Helsinki, Tampere, Turku or Oulu to Jyväskylä. You can use the special discount on 1.-7.10. Also return journeys are available for 5 euros.

Buy the bus ticket now from the Höstfest-site of Onnibus at:

More info about the discount on the tickets-page.

Höstfest international
2012-09-20 06:20

The website finally has descriptions of all the performing acts of Höstfest 2012 in English. In case you are wondering if Höstfest really is worth experiencing, just read these greetings from a member of the board of Hear ry, who’s abroad for an exchange at the moment:

“One could imagine, that here in Brazil I'm having crazy parties on the streets every night. If I was in Rio, it might be so, but not in this city where I’m staying. The city has as many inhabitants and students as Jyväskylä, but its nightlife has something to offer only for the fans on Michel Telo.

I can’t wait to return home just in time to attend Höstfest, and to spend the two nights in Ilokivi getting surprised, impressed, baffled and mesmerized by the music and, of course, exhausted and bruised by dancing.”

Ps. Hösfest is organized completely by volunteers. If you want to help us in organizing the event, contact: By contributing for some hours, you will get a free entrance for the festival.

Höstfest merchandise
2012-09-17 20:19

Click to see some Höstfest merchandise!

Preparty tonight! Also on Radio Hear
2012-09-14 11:59

Höstfest preparty tonight! Also live at

Ticket sales (10 EUR) starts at 21:00 at the door. Ilokivi is located at the campus area, Keskussairaalantie 2.


21:00 Doors open, ticket sales start
21:00 Hear dj's
23:00 Kari Tapiiri
00:00 Yona & Orkesteri Liikkuvat Pilvet
01:30 DJ Didier
03:00 Doors close
See you!

Ticket sales has begun
2012-09-02 15:48

Höstfest tickets now available at:

Vakiopaine, Kauppakatu 6 (open mon-sun 14-02)

Ilokivi, Keskussairaalantie 2 (the bar downstairs, on gig nights)

Online sales begins here on Monday.


FRIDAY  5.10.

Sami Kukka
Black Motor
Death Hawks
Profeetta & Uusi Maailmanuskonto
Tiiu Helinä
Lau Nau
Serefe sound system
Vindi Karlos
Mustat kalsarit
Music Wonderland
+ Random Doctors VJs


Maritta Kuula
Motelli Skronkle
Melting Hearts
Kiki Pau
The Achtungs
Atom Mouth Gimlies
Olli Aarni
+ Random Doctors VJt

1 day ticket 17 EUR
2 day ticket 25 EUR

+ evening club at Vakiopaine:

Ei Mikko Alatalo
Pekko Käppi
Ville Pirinen Combat School

Tickets 6 EUR, brunch 6 EUR

2012-08-28 12:42

Welcome to Höstfest 2012 held in Jyväskylä 5.-6.10.